In Memory

Richard Bannon

Killed in auto accident

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03/30/17 11:40 AM #1    

Richard York

I went to Pleasant Valley grade/Jr. High and North with "Dick Bannon."  We had on/off friendships over those many years.  But, at North we became better friends.  I knew that he deeply loved vocal music and sometimes he would sing to me when we were out running around in our cars.  At one point, he dropped a girlfriend and I became interested in her and began dating her.  I heard that Dick was hunting for me and thought that this was surely going to lead to a fight.  We finally met up on night and I was prepared for the worst whippin' of my life, because he was an experienced fighter and I wasn't.  Well, it turned out just the opposite.  With tears in his eyes, he asked me if I would let him have one more chance with the girl, who he really loved. I knew that she still felt strongly for him.  So, I did the right thing.  I kissed her goodbye and told her to give him another chance.  She did just that and it worked out for the best.

At North, Dick drove a 1964 Mustang which he hot rodded like crazy.  It was a 6 cylinder and it ran better than any other 6 cylinder I'd ever seen.  Sometimes he was racing it down Rochester before classes started up.   I knew that he moved to Texas, but lost track of him.  Too many years have passed..... and too may girlfriends!

(By Richard York)

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