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David Carie

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03/30/17 11:29 AM #1    

Richard York

David and I were guitarists and shared our interest in music as friends.  We both started on guitar at very young ages (about 8YOA).  Ironically, we only lived about 1 mile apart, but our homes were separated by the Little Arkansas River and we went to different grade/junior high schools.  We really did not get to know each other until attending North High.  After becoming good friends, we even let the other play our most cherished guitars.  David had a Mosrite like the Ventures were famous for.  I had a Cherry Red Gibson (ES-355TDSV) like Chuck Berry played.  Every Monday morning at school David and I would compare notes from gigs that we played over the previous weekend.  He was always in Rock bands and I was always in Country bands.  I had been teaching guitar for Uhlik Music for a since I was a Sophomore and helped get David lined up to teach as well in his Senior year. We both taught at Uhlik's store in El Dorado and shared rides to/from.   He didn't enjoy the teaching as much as he did the performing.   Still, music was a common bond and like a magnet, it continued to draw us together.  I shared some of my fingerstyle guitar methods with David and he shared licks from Rock tunes.   I lost track of David after graduation as we went different directions.  It was so sad to hear of his death and know that he didn't fulfill a certain destiny in music.   Always missing you my friend.

(By Richard York)

07/08/17 01:36 PM #2    

Donald Sailing (Sailing)

I first met Dave when he sat next to me in 7th grade at Marshall.....Mrs. Wines 203!    Why I remember the room number....I have no idea...............

Dave was, of course, a PHENOMENAL guitarist.....I played the piano.  So, as musicians, we clicked.  

Dave's band, the Ricochets, played for a "Soc Hop" at Marshall back in about '62...maybe '63.  That night was magical for me, as it was the very first time I heard a live band.  Unbelievable experience for me, and I knew I had to start a band of my own....the Spydels.....with Bryan Hill, who was 11, on drums.   Marty Ford was there that night as well......and he was equally inspired to play in a band.  A year or so later, when the Spydels played on the back of a flat bed truck in Seneca Square parking lot......Marty Ford and Gary Bolen came to hear my band, and they made me an offer to join the Downbeats......the rest is history.  So.............I really owe my great years playing in the Downbeats to Dave Carie!  Dave's musicianship was mind-blowing.  At the 20 year reunion, I was looking for Dave and was so saddened to learn of his passing.  Had he ived, he would have set the world on fire with his doubt!!  

09/30/17 07:57 PM #3    

Ed Raymond

David and i both lived on the same street in elementary school and became great friends.  We had great times terrorizing the neighborhood on our bikes.  It took only a clothespin and a card to sound like a Harley  Davidson.  As I recall Billy Rickman, David White, Danny Ard and others were also part of this wild bunch.  We shared great times climbing trees and shooting birds at the river.  David loved music and spent time playing guitar with his Dad and brother, Doug. He taught me to play Rebel Rouser on an old guitar I bought for a dollar at a garage sale.  I can still play that tune but never as well as David could.  He was a great friend and always ready for an adventure.  We continued to be good friends through Marshall Jr. High although interests became more defined.  In high school at North we continued as friends while David pursued his music and I kept searching for the true meaning of life.  Shortly before his death we ran into each other and promised to get together and catch up on our lives.  We planned to meet after I returned from a coaching clinic. Unfortunately, that never happened.  David passed away while I was out of town and I regretted not being able to be at his funeral.  I always think of David when I hear the golden oldies and miss him.  Although he learned many other songs, Rebel Rouser will always be his song in my mind.

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