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Susan Guth

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Richard York

Susan and I dated when we were seniors.  She drove a VW Beetle and sometimes it mysteriously got removed from it's parking spot and was put up on the sidewalk in front of one of the homes on the East side of Rochester Street.   Gee???? who chould have done that.   A bunch of enviously high school boys, that's who.   I might have had something to do with that, but before I confess, has the statute of limitations expired.   Oh, it has!   Okay, I'm responsible. 

We planned an outing for one weekend that got us in trouble. In my year book she wrote, "from now on lets stay away from big white barns and fat stinky cops!"   Well, I won't tell the whole story here, but it was an 'event' we never forgot.  Ironically, I became a cop, but I was never fat or stinky!

Susan was a great student and made very good grades. She was serious about her education and I wasn't.  But she was a great friend and for a while we were 'in luv'.  She told me that she wanted to be a doctor and had applied for scholarships.  She got an out-of-state scholarship and we knew that our relationship would come to an end when she left for college in the summer of '67'.   I had no scholarship and wasn't even sure that I was going to college.  Absent college, I was facing the military draft.  Well, we went our separate ways and lost track of each other and I'm sorry to hear of her passing.   I'm sure that she was a blessing to everyone around her.

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