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Bob Knapp

Bob Knapp

Robert L. Knapp 
December 8, 2021 
Newton, Kansas - Robert L. Knapp 72, died December 8, 2021 at NMC Health. He was born May 11, 1949 in Mitchell, South Dakota to Bob and Betty (Atkinson) Knapp. 
He is survived by his wife Jean Knapp; sons: Kevin and Chris Knapp and one sister Beverly Ann Manning. He is also survived by 4 grandchildren Courtney, Michael, Hadley and Everett. 
Services are pending 
Memorials may be made to the Gary Sinese Foundation and left in care of Petersen Funeral Home

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12/12/21 10:18 AM #1    

Charles Shideler (Shideler Jr)

Bob and I were good friends for a lot of years and I think of him often inspite of our lives going in different directions later on.I think of many cold mornings getting up at 4 o'clock to go sit in a cold, wet duck blind. I'll always remember our many weekend camping trips. Especially the trip we forgot to close the garage door and his two dogs got in there and ate a 50lb bag of dog food. We served together in the same unit in the KSARNG, so Uncle Sam paid for some of our camping as well. We watched the draft lottery together in Bob's apartment on Ave B across the street from North, his number came up 37 and mine was 38. We shared a lot for a lot of years that bless me with a lot of great memories. Miss ya Bobby, RIP

12/13/21 11:42 AM #2    

Craig Steward

Bob Knapp! ❤️👍✝️

12/13/21 11:44 AM #3    

William Rickman

Bob and I grew up together in NW Wichita along with Ed Raymond, Bill Foster, David White, Lee Mitchell, Daid Carey and a host of other kids. We played little league baseball together and were in the same cub and boy scout troups. He was a great guy.

10/14/22 08:25 PM #4    

Jim Green

I will always wonder why Bobby Knapp wanted to fight me in a fist fight on my way home from school one day in 8th grade in front of a churchyard next to a shop where I could get a soda and a comic book. It was a mystery to me. I was a few inches taller, and I thought his father owned a gun shop in town. He dared to kick at me. He missed my balls. We sparred. The crowd was considerable.  What had I done to warrent being picked on? Finally, I hit him in the nose in a way that started a nosebleed. He seemed to come to his senses and backed off. I don't know why it happened.  I guess we were on edge because of the Viet Nam War impringing. I am glad he quit, and that I could walk on home. We never fought again or quarelled. But I had to fight not to be stopped and experimented on.  I was working out with weights I got for exercise that year from Joe Weider that were given to me by my father, springs included. Perhhaps it stimulated an aggressive maneuver. I was reading The Fantastic Four at the time, drawn by Jack Kirby.. We both went to John Marshall Junior High when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. I think we were in the same Junior High gym class and tested each other on pull-ups and gymn equipment. It was getting cold outside.


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